Leafeon [Pokemon] || AK interactive acrylics

Sculpted by NomNom Figures [STL:]

Printed on Elegoo Mars 2 Pro

Shiny Magikarp

Shiny Magikarp || AK acrylics, GSW colorshift metal acrylic

Sculpt by Becca_3D [STL:]

Printed on Elegoo Mars 2 Pro

Tomisław Apoloniusz Curuś Bachleda Farrell

Tomisław Apoloniusz Curuś Bachleda Farrell from "Kapitan Bomba" cartoon.

I gave my full 30%.

[Elegoo Mars 2 Pro; Anycubic Resin (grey); The Army Painter acrylics; Base made in Tinkercad + Apoxie clay snow]



Hollow Knight || Airbrushed with Army Painter and Green Stuff World acrylics. Printer: Elegoo Mars Pro 2 Resin: Anycubic Grey

Baby Groot

Hand-painted with Army Painter acrylics. STL: Printer: Elegoo Mars Pro 2 Resin: ELEGOO Water Washable Resin (grey)

2B [NieR:Automata]

Painted for my Bro Frono. Re-cast of Collector's Edition figure. Painted with acrylics, half hand-painted, half airbrushed.

Obersturmführer ('Totenkopf' division, Budapest 1945) 1/16

Dragon model, painted for my Dad. Acrylics, local fauna, soft pastels, PVA glue.

Legend BB Zakuto (Yami Shogun) (SD)

Gift from my Spouse, quick and easy built. I added some weathering for fun. Mostly done with Gunpla Markers. Panel lines made with Tamiya panel line accent color. Mr. Metal color (stainless, dark iron), Vallejo liquid gold (bronze) and Green Stuff World (burning gold) also were used.

Onmitsu Gundam

C3×HOBBY || SD Garage kit from 2007|| Painted with acrylics (Army Painter, Vallejo, Green Stuff World) and Gundam markers with some use of Tamiya Weathering Master set B

Moonstone Rathalos Armour Hunter

From Monster Hunter. Sculpted by Cerberus Project. I'm aware there's no Moonstone Rathalos, but I really wanted to make one. Hand-painted with acrylics (Army Painter, Vallejo, Green Stuff World, Daler-Rowney Pearlscent effect: Shimmering blue). Metal parts painted with Mr. Metal Color (Stainless and Dark Iron). I've decided to make contrasting base, hence why it's full or warm and bright colours. Water is made of Vallejo's Polyurethane Gloss Varnish. Dried lavender flowers were dyed with copic marker (Poppy). Branches are from apple tree. Static grass and islandmoss were used (coloured with copic as well).

Komainu (Rising Sun)

Mini from Rising Sun board game. Hand-painted with acrylics.

Dark Souls: the Board Game miniature - Dragon Slayer Ornstein

STEAMFORGED GAMES LTD's Dark Souls: the Board game miniature painted. Army Painter, Vallejo acrylics. Base sculpted with Dremel tool.

Sir Artorias the Abysswalker chibi

Dark Souls character, produced by MouseUnit, hand-painted with acrylics (Army Painter).

Great Grey Wolf Sif chibi

Dark Souls character, produced by MouseUnit, hand-painted with acrylics (Army Painter).

Horned Frog

Mini resin kit sculptured by 大山竜. Gift from my friend Acidraw ♥ Hand painted with Army Painter acrylics

Love is Pain

28mm miniature from Scibor Miniatures I've been gifted by my friend Frono. Painted with Army Painter acrylics.

Lord's Blade Ciaran

Dark Souls character, produced by MouseUnit, hand-painted with acrylics (Army Painter).

Tyranid Scythed Hierodule

Warhammer 40k commission for my friend. Original kit from Forge World. I was supposed to NOT do my best while painting this (so my friend could copy style). Hand-painted with Citadel paints.

WWII German Machine Gunner 1/16

Plastic model from Tamiya. Great cast, nice details, parts fits together well. I'm doing this for my Father, we both always liked this model. As usual - Vallejo acrylics for most part; weathering done with chalk pastels.

SD Miku

SD Miku from GK-Model. It's gift for my Friend. Nice cast, didn't require much work, fitting was really good - nice kit for beginners. It's (mostly) airbrushed with Vallejo Model Colour with addition of Daler-Rowney's Interference Colours and Alclad2 Prismatic Sapphire.


Gwendolyn, Valkyrie from Odin Sphere.
E2046 recast, not really awesome quality. Kit didn't include base, I've made my own.
Kit is both: hand-painted and airbrushed.
Paints used: Vallejo Model Color acrylics, Dealer-Rowney's Interference Colour (shimmering blue, shimmering violet), Pebeo Prisme Fantasy paints.
Other materials: Glitter and some crystals normally used for nail decoration. Crystals made using Copper(II) sulfate (I've grown those).

Arzuros Airou

Monster Hunter kitty kit from GK Model. Nice cast, easy assemble. Hand-painted with Vallejo paints.

Azure Rathalos

Entry for 2014 E2046's contest. Noble Azure Rathalos is about to crunch it's tasty little piece of Aptonoth, but something (or someone?) disturbed it. We'll never know who though. I decided to paint it much like Azure Rathalos, to make it's body contrast with everything else (especially with the fireball, I wanted it to be that candy-red) and because I like blue a lot. Surrounding aren't connected to Monster Hunter world anyhow, I've made it up myself (sculpted with polymer clay, handpainted, added artifical water, moss and those). Blood is made of epoxy glue mixed with paint. It's not hanging straight down to achieve feeling of movement. That's also a reason for waves at water. Vallejo acrylics and Winsor&Newton pearlscent effects, everything's handpainted.


Warhammer miniature, Citadel Finecast - Cockatrice. Small and very detailed figure. Unfortunately my cast had some pinholes and air bubbles. I wanted to achieve effect of it's wings' membranes having nightsky's pattern, so I've used glitter over it as shining stars. Painted with Vallejo paints. It's having about 10,5cm height.

Sha Gojyo

Volks' kit, E2046's recast. Painted and assembled for my friend Shadowisper. Airbrushed with Vallejo Model Color. Static grass, flowers cut from paper. Cigarette is made of wire I'm usually using for pinning kits.

Sigrid of the Thorn

Antihero from E2046, good cast. Figure is painted with airbrush (skin and hair) and rest is hand-painted. I've used Vallejo Model Colour and Winsor & Newton Acrylics. There's AVON's black glitter on the water.


Valkyrie Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere game.'s recast. Parts didn't fit well. I reworked her face. Handpainted with Vallejo Model Color and Daler-Rowney's Interference Colour.

The Messenger 1/10 bust

Re-cast of Galapagos Miniatures' The Messenger bust. Painted with Vallejo Paints. Painting process video @ YouTube


Ky-rà from Kabuki models. Unfortunately it turned out I bought just a re-cast. Colour sheme inspired by Sejuani from League of Legends.

S Equip Hunter

Cute warrior from Monster Hunter. Trying to keep away from kitty's hands this delicious piece of bacon. E2046's recast. Good quality. Handpainted with Vallejo paints.

Naruga Airou

Naruga Airou from Monster Hutner. Kit I recieved as gift from   Seraph. Small and easy to assemble kit. Vallejo paints.

Vasily Zaytsev bust

Recast of  Vasily Zaytsev bust my dad brought to get painted. It's based on Jude Law's apperance in "Enemy at the Gates" movie. Painted with Vallejo paints. Wooden base from


Wolf goddess from Ōkami game - "origin of all that is good and mother to us all".  E2046's recast. Vallejo paints. Some rocks and grass are handmade. Cartoonish look to make it similar to game's atmosphere (moment when Ammy's dashing).

Unwanted Guest in the Golden Forest diorama

Desperate Azure Dragon decided to lay her eggs on unfriendly ground. Unfortunately for her, the Golden Dragon - keeper of this Golden Forest - noticed her apperance and rushed to disturb her, while she\'s been building nest. Base has 40x40cm size. Ground was sculptured by me with polymer clay. Everything\'s painted with acrylics (Vallejo) and acrylic mediums (Daler-Rowney\'s Interference Colour). Vallejo water effects was used for water. I also used static grass and moss a little. I decided to give it strong fairy tale - like feeling, that\'s why I used strong, bright and shining colours. Because the forest itself is golden, just as it\'s keeper - wooden parts (real twigs I used) are also having hint of gold. Golden dragon, while rushing, broke ground under it\'s feet and pure gold flew out from the crackles. Because of it\'s size, I had real trouble taking photos. I wish I could do that better, but I\'ve tried to do my best.

Akamu Airou as Grumpy Warrior

Kitty I got from  Seraph  for helping her. It required very little preparation work. I used Vallejo Model Color and Daler-Rowney's Interference Colour. Kitty's fur is painted after Grumpy Cat (thanks to  Hyony for the idea).

Deedlit and Pirotess

Record of Lodoss War diorama with two elven characters from the series. Base was sculpt by myself using polymer clay. Painted with Vallejo Paints.

Diabolus Unglate

Diabolus Unglate. Garage kit made from PVC. Casting is really good, very few pieces required any work. Painted with: Vallejo Model Color, Vallejo Model Air, Mr. Metal Color, Daler-Rowney interefence colour.

Otomo Airou (Reus Neko)\'s cast, great cast. This kit is anniversary gift from my Boyfriend. Painted with Vallejo Model Color.

Celtic Warrior Bust 1/16

From Young Minatures, painted with Vallejo Model Color. Base is made from deodorant cap.

Cho Hakkai 1/8

Volks' origianl kit. This figure is birthday present for my Dear Friend-  Shadowisper. This kit I got with help of Tamajani, thank You for that! Painted with Vallejo Air and Vallejo Model Color. For vines I used copper wire and paper.

German Cavalry Division \"Florian Geyer\" 1/16

Plastic model from Dragon. Painted with Vallejo air (horse) and Humbrol Enamels (figure).

Evil Fox

Evil Fox kit I\'ve made for\'s contest. Since voting phase is done, I can submit pictures. It\'s PKKing\'s sculpt, though it\'s recast (I recieved this kit as a gift). Kit was great quality, I liked to work on it a lot. While working on kit I had some trouble with airbrush, which forced me to strip paint of her body and repaint it later. I used acrylic paint: Tamiya, Mr. Hobby, Vallejo.

Samurai 1/16

MiniArt\'s 1/16 scale plastic figure. Quite difficult to assemble, really pleasurable to paint. I used Humbrol Enamels to paint it.

Skuld with Lute

Related product:  Skuld with Guitar on Bough. The cast itself was really good, I had not much work to do with prep work. Through because I spoiled priming twice there're some rough places, especially on Skuld's face. But I just had no heart to work more on it (I felt so hopeless, I decided to leave it like this) :( It was airbrushed with Vallejo Air, and details/blue tits/bough were handpainted with other Vallejo paints. The pattern on her cloak is handpainted, too bad my hands are shaking. Overall I'm satisfied with progress I'm making on figures :)


Bandai\'s Sachiel the 3rd Angel from Neon Genesis Evangelion model.

Hauptmann, Großdeutscheland division (Karachev 1943)

Hauptmann, Großdeutscheland division (Karachev 1943) 1/16 plastic model from Dragon models. Painted with Humbrol Emanels. I\'ve done this for my father, he liked it. Model itself is good quality, no preparation work required at all.

Urd in Elegant Dress

Urd with Elegant Dress  from . Kit was nice quality, but hair parts required a lot of fitting. Overall I'm satisfied with work, but I spoiled sealing, so the surface isn't that smooth. I'm really proud of how I managed to do her face with my shaking hands. Paints: Vallejo Air, Mr. Color.

Belldandy with Holybell

I recieved this kit as a gift and though I was really happy I could work on this - it was really hard to assemble this one, because it's Thai re-cast [from Model Kit Online]. Which comes with poor quality parts, which doesn't fit to each other. Many parts were really fragile and got broken while working. Still, I'm happy with result, even while my airbrush got broken while painting. Dedicated to my Boyfriend- Thank You!

Night Elf - Warcraft

Night Elf from Warcraft universe. Hand-painted, with Humbrol Emanels. I bought this kit about 3 years ago from Ebay, if anyone seen this kit somewhere - please, let me know, I'd love to get another one.