I Aten’t Dead

Like Granny Weatherwax would say, I Aten’t Dead.

Currently I’m working on my contest entry for some GK forums. This entry is going to feature Deedlit and Pirotess from Lodoss War series in forest diorama scene.

But I just have not enough photos to share (Pirotess takes a lot of time and patience to sand, I’m still not done with it yet), but I think next week I’ll be able to share some.

Meanwhile I was ill, and overall my health condition (both physical and mental) was bad (it still is, but I need to keep doing something), and meanwhile new World of Warcraft expansion arrived (Mists of Pandaria have some best quests I’ve ever done, how I recall it from my gaming history), so in my free time I was playing WoW and not  working on GKs (I couldn’t, I was too weak to hold my tools. Unlikely to hold mouse and hit keys at keyboard, they doesn’t need that much focus and power).

I finally assembled Pirotess (at the point I can assemble her before painting), but joints still needs a lot of sanding, because fitting was just horrible (what fitting?)


Anyway, I’m still alive and I’m going to post something soon (maybe in next two weeks).

Take Care.