Oh my… This blog is lacking of updates!

I knew something like this will happen sooner or later. Look at this! Only one post in August!
I simply forgotten to make any update.

Recently, with my Boyfriend we’re working on my Warcraft guild’s website and it’s almost finished.

Urd is waiting for Tamiya putty, meanwhile I started to sand Deedlit. While most of parts looks pretty good, her cape takes a lot of effort.

Anyway, when I’ll recieve my order with putty and paints I ordered, I’ll start to work on Hasegawa’s Messerschmitt Bf109E. My father bought it and he can’t work on it [He needs better glasses] and I’m already having buyer for it.
This reminds me, I need to take photos of other WWII related models/dioramas I made before.

Soon, I’ll get another GK, it’s already shipped. There’re more GKs I’d love to build someday, but I won’t buy any new untill I’ll finish at least one of those I’m hawing WIP right now.
But, in reality, it may take more time before I’ll get any new kit, because probably we’re going to change our camera.

BTW, in my last entry I told You about Citadel’s Tool Kit. I had to cancel order in one shop [in magical way, they ran out of stock RIGHT AFTER I ordered mine] and got it in another, that’s why I lost few weeks of work. But it was worth it, works perfect and I have place to keep some of my modeling stuff at last.

Take Care!