WIP Gallery Updated, New WIP Gallery

Sorry for lacks of updates. I just finished my licenciate – just still I have very few things to be done and I’ll be able to focus on kits 🙂
Unfortunately, very first kit I’m working on right now can’t be shown (neither WIP nor finished pictures) ’till end of one contest.
But, I’ll try to work as fast as possible (while trying to not spoil anything, I just want to have some of my kits to be done – they’re cute!).
Anyway, there’re few WIP photos I forgot to upload earlier.

Progress on Sachiel kit

And new WIP gallery – Dark Elf. Really cool cast, even if she’s having broken anatomy (just look at her back and how she bends!) and too large breasts for my taste – doesn’t change the fact she’s really cute and sexy figure.


I’m still alive.

I’m just busy.

I got involved into some big project which contains 3 website layouts, which I have to design [2 of them ’till end of month, and the other one, ’till Christmas], I hope I won’t fail at this.
Meanwhile, I’m writting my licenciate.

It turned out I may have some bigger health issues, thanks to my diabetes, I should have results next week. Besides that, I’m having worse time with my neurosis, meaning I’m having panic attacks each time I leave house. I’m going to see doctor regarding this case next week as well.

After I finished my Urd kit, I had about 2 weeks-long break, and I started to slowly work on my Pirotess kit. I should upload pictures of WIP soon. Unfortunately, this kit requires a lot of work, because whole surface is really messy. Fortunately, details are ok, so I can live with it 😉 Next week I’ll get some polymer clay [~1 kilogram, or more] to prepare base for my future diorama including Deedlit and Pirotess.

I’m also having one new kit at home, and another one should be here within the end of January, but it’s secret 🙂 Lovely gifts are those. So, I got my Christmas/Birthday gifts from whole family known earlier this year.

I only hope I’ll be able to work more on my kits when I’ll finish my studies. Yeah, sure >_>”.


Oh my… This blog is lacking of updates!

I knew something like this will happen sooner or later. Look at this! Only one post in August!
I simply forgotten to make any update.

Recently, with my Boyfriend we’re working on my Warcraft guild’s website and it’s almost finished.

Urd is waiting for Tamiya putty, meanwhile I started to sand Deedlit. While most of parts looks pretty good, her cape takes a lot of effort.

Anyway, when I’ll recieve my order with putty and paints I ordered, I’ll start to work on Hasegawa’s Messerschmitt Bf109E. My father bought it and he can’t work on it [He needs better glasses] and I’m already having buyer for it.
This reminds me, I need to take photos of other WWII related models/dioramas I made before.

Soon, I’ll get another GK, it’s already shipped. There’re more GKs I’d love to build someday, but I won’t buy any new untill I’ll finish at least one of those I’m hawing WIP right now.
But, in reality, it may take more time before I’ll get any new kit, because probably we’re going to change our camera.

BTW, in my last entry I told You about Citadel’s Tool Kit. I had to cancel order in one shop [in magical way, they ran out of stock RIGHT AFTER I ordered mine] and got it in another, that’s why I lost few weeks of work. But it was worth it, works perfect and I have place to keep some of my modeling stuff at last.

Take Care!


Because of work and real-life stuff I couldn’t focus on my kits.

But! I’m happy, because I’m waiting for Citadel Tool Kit, which is gift from my family (mainly because my father, as an old modeler, likes it as well) and they managed to find it in one of Polish internet shops for price of ~70$ and with free shipping. Yay!

Also, I got about 1 kilogram of modeling clay, so I’m having materials for my project’s base. Obviously it isn’t polymer clay (it’s way too expensive for me, yet), but I’m pretty sure it’s going to work well.

Besides that, I’ll have to buy some supplies, before I’ll start to paint. I think I’m going to get Mr. White Base, to apply it right before painting, but I need to check up if local store have it. Still, I’m not sure, if I’m going to handbrush or airbrush my kits and… Which brand’s paints should I use :(? I’m thinking about Mr. Color, about Pactra, or Citadel paints. As for now I’m pretty sure I’m not going to use emanel, like Humbrol’s (though I used them before), I prefer to get some acrylics. And here’s another question – which sealers should I use?

Any suggestions are welcome.


So many questions, so little time, so little money, damn it.

Anyway, I hope I’ll be able to make any update soon 🙂


Take Care!