New Gallery – Gwendolyn

Here she is, valkyrie princess from Odin’s Sphere.
Not everything went way I planned, but I’ve tried my best. Especially to do something about her face. Also I failed at making crystals for her base (not really failed, they’re just still growing), so I decided to make my own “stone” and paint it to make it look like labradorite.


WIP Update – Gwendolyn

This time I’m working on her dress and wings. She should be finished soon. I’m not sure about her base though.
It’s going to be a little complicated – I got Copper(II) sulfate, from which I’m trying to get blue crystals for the base. Once they’ll grow up (at least some), I’ll be able to finish whole figure.


New WIP – Gwendolyn

I bought her meanwhile, because I really liked her pose, wings and such… And she’s valkyrie. Though I don’t know anything about game she’s from – Odin Sphere.

It’s E’s recast. Not really awesome to work on. And sculpt is a little bit weird (LARGE LEGS, weird face), but I really wanted her. Yes. This part is focused on the prep work the most, though I already started painting her.