New WIP Gallery – Dwarven Cupid

Recently I’ve received this miniature as a gift from my dear Friend, who knows way to much about me and my preferences. It’s so terribly wrong, I can’t stop loving it.
This one is original from Scibor Miniatures.

Cast itself is nice. Honestly, I skipped some prep-work, because… I admit, I just wanted to get to painting it. There were few bubbles (one on toes, one on cuffs), but it’s something I fixed with putty (and detailed later).
It’s fun to do something different from my usual figures.

And I even haven’t really touched that poor goblin yet.


New WIP gallery – Skuld with Lute

I recieved this kit like almost two weeks ago. Still I don’t have any proper photos besides this one, but I decided to share it anyway.

It’s another kit. As for now it’s the best cast I recieved from E. There’s still some work to do, but that’s nothing compared to Urd, Deedlit and [the worst cast] Pirotess. Parts are really smooth, details visible, there’s no seamlines at all! Though, this kit is really small and I already know details are going to be pain 😉

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