New Gallery – The Messenger

It’s done 🙂

You can also view a short film featuring me painting it.

This video was made for test, so all kind of comments are welcome. And I really would prefer to have better camera for this.



Bigger update – Three new WIP galleries.

Since sanding is boring, I couldn’t really share anything for a quite long time. But today I can share three new WIPs with you.

First figure is Sha Gojyo from Saiyuki. I’m building for my Friend. It’s E’s recast, quite good quality, expect the cape. Which needed a lot of fitting, putting and still requires some work. But once I’ll get primer, he’ll be ready for painting.

Two other, are nice busts I got, too bad they’re just re-casts. I should’ve check up original prices before buying them on local auction service.
Anyway, they’re well sculpted and doesn’t require much work. And I belive painting will be fun.

Here’s Ky-rà:

Here’s the Messanger: