WIP Gallery Updated, New WIP Gallery

Sorry for lacks of updates. I just finished my licenciate – just still I have very few things to be done and I’ll be able to focus on kits 🙂
Unfortunately, very first kit I’m working on right now can’t be shown (neither WIP nor finished pictures) ’till end of one contest.
But, I’ll try to work as fast as possible (while trying to not spoil anything, I just want to have some of my kits to be done – they’re cute!).
Anyway, there’re few WIP photos I forgot to upload earlier.

Progress on Sachiel kit

And new WIP gallery – Dark Elf. Really cool cast, even if she’s having broken anatomy (just look at her back and how she bends!) and too large breasts for my taste – doesn’t change the fact she’s really cute and sexy figure.


Work in Progress update – Urd with Elegant Dress – Almost ready for priming.

There’s going to be a lot of trouble with fitting her hair, but hopefully I’ll manage it. But it’s still not that much trouble as I’ll have with her floating cloaks on her back. It would be easier to glue them already and then work with putty, but in this way it would be much harder to paint it later.

I’ve already chosen colours I’m going to paint her, though I’m still not sure if I’ll handbrush it or airbrush. She’s going to look like in TV series.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish her soon.

Take Care!