New Gallery and WIP – SD Miku

I don’t have much to tell about this one. I tried my best, yet I can’t say I’m 100% satisfied with results. I’ve learnt a lot about airbrushing and found a lot of new reasons to hate it. And varnishes. I hate them so much.
Still I think it was worth it.
SD Miku from GK-Model.
It’s gift for my Friend.
Nice cast, didn’t require much work, fitting was really good – nice kit for beginners.
It’s (mostly) airbrushed with Vallejo Model Colour with addition of Daler-Rowney’s Interference Colours and Alclad2 Prismatic Sapphire.


New WIP Gallery – Naruga Airou

Work in Progress on ninja kitty. Yes, that’s how I call him, since I have absolutely no knowledge about Monster Hunter.
Because this kit was straight-forward to assemble, required no prep work and didn’t have much pieces to paint… The WIP gallery is rather small. I didn’t feel making enough progress to show you, and when I noticed one, it was already done.

Gallery will be soon.