Work in Progress

Zakuto (Yamisyougun) WIP


Komainu (Rising Sun) WIP

Work in progress on Rising Sun mini - Komainu

Lord's Blade Ciaran WIP

Dark Souls character, produced by MouseUnit, hand-painted with acrylics (Army Painter).

Rathalos Armour Hunter WIP

GKM's recast, painted mostly with acrylics (army painter).

Dwarven Cupid WIP

Love is Pain from Scibor Miniatures I've got as gift from my friend. Hand-painted with Army Painter acrylics.

Chimera WIP

Game Workshop's Chimera

Tyranid Scythed Hierodule WIP

Warhammer unit bought at Forge World. It's commissioned by my friend, all colours were chosen by him. Cast isn't greatest quality - fitting issues, large tabs and terrible seamlines. Figure painted with Citadel paints.

Sha'un - Ram Tribe Warrior WIP

Forged Monkey's Sha'un, Ram Tribe Warrior bust. Painted with Vallejo, P3 Formula and Army Painter paints


Gunpla LMHG from Bandai

German Machine Gunner 1/16 WIP

Plastic model from Tamiya. Great cast, nice details, parts fits together well. I'm doing this for my Father, we both always liked this model. As usual - Vallejo acrylics


SD Miku from GK-Model. It's gift for my Friend. Nice cast, didn't require much work, fitting was really good - nice kit for beginners. It's (mostly) airbrushed with Vallejo Model Colour with addition of Daler-Rowney's Interference Colours and Alclad2 Prismatic Sapphire.

Little Owl WIP

Gunze Sangyo's plastic model in 1:1 scale. Painted using Vallejo paints.

Dark Angel Olivia WIP

E2046 recast.

Rathalos WIP

GK's recast. Entry for 2014 E2046's contest. I decided to paint it much like Azure Rathalos, to make it's body contrast with everything else (especially with the fireball, I wanted it to be that candy-red) and because I like blue a lot. Surrounding aren't connected to Monster Hunter world anyhow, I've made it up myself (sculpted with polymer clay, handpainted, added artifical water, moss and those). Blood is made of epoxy glue mixed with paint. It's not hanging straight down to achieve feeling of movement. That's also a reason for waves at water. Vallejo acrylics and Winsor&Newton pearlscent effects, everything's handpainted.

Cockatrice WIP

Warhammer miniature, Citadel Finecast - Cockatrice. Small and very detailed figure. Unfortunately my cast had some pinholes and air bubbles.

Sigrid of the Thorn WIP

E2046's recast. Airbrushed and handpainted using Vallejo Model Color and Winsor & Newton acrylics. Cast was fine, parts were fitting pretty well, kit doesn't required much sanding.

Gwendolyn WIP's recast ( Requred quite a lot of work fitting-wise, lacked of details and face is incredibly ugly. Vallejo paints mostly.

The Messenger bust WIP

The Messenger from Galapagos Miniatures. Unfortunately it turned out I bought just a re-cast.

Ky-rà WIP

Ky-rà from Kabuki models. Unfortunately it turned out I bought just a re-cast.

Sha Gojyo WIP

Sha Gojyo, character form Gensomaden Saiyuki series. E2046's recast

S Equip Hunter WIP

E2046's recast. Quite good quality, fitting legs required some work. Handpainted with Vallejo paints.

Naruga Airou WIP

Naruga Airou from Monster Hutner. Kit I recieved as gift from  Seraph. Small and easy to assemble kit.

Vasily Zaytsev bust WIP

Recast of  Vasily Zaytsev bust my dad brought to get painted. It's based on Jude Law's apperance in "Enemy at the Gates" movie. Painted with Vallejo paints.

Unwanted Guest in the Golden Forest diorama WIP

My entry for 2013\'s contest. Desperate Azure Dragon decided to lay her eggs on unfriendly ground. Unfortunately for her, the Golden Dragon - keeper of this Golden Forest - noticed her apperance and rushed to disturb her, while she\'s been building nest. Base has 40x40cm size. Ground was sculptured by me with polymer clay. Everything\'s painted with acrylics (Vallejo) and acrylic mediums (Daler-Rowney\'s Interference Colour). Vallejo water effects was used for water. I also used static grass and moss a little. I decided to give it strong fairy tale - like feeling, that\'s why I used strong, bright and shining colours. Because the forest itself is golden, just as it\'s keeper - wooden parts (real twigs I used) are also having hint of gold. Golden dragon, while rushing, broke ground under it\'s feet and pure gold flew out from the crackles.

Amaterasu WIP

Amaterasu kit I got recently. Overall cast is really nice, but there're few gaps I need to fill. Also, I have different idea for the base, so it required head repositioning.

Akamu Airou WIP

Kitty I got from  Seraph  for helping her. It required very little preparation work. I used Vallejo Model Color and Daler-Rowney's Interference Colour.

 Diabolus Unglate WIP

Diabolus Unglate. Garage kit made from PVC. Casting is really good, very few pieces required any work.

Otomo Airou (Reus Neko) WIP\'s recast. Not much prep work required. Painted with Vallejo Model Color.

Cho Hakkai WIP 1/8

Cho Hakkai, character form Gensomaden Saiyuki series. This is an original Volks\' resin kit I bought from friend. Finished it\'s going to be gift for my other friend\'s birthday.

Celtic Warrior bust 1/10 WIP

Re-cast of Young Minatures figure. Really nice cast, a lot of details.

Evil Fox WIP

Evil Fox kit I\'ve made for\'s contest. Since voting phase is done, I can submit WIP pictures. It\'s PKKing\'s sculpt, though it\'s recast (I recieved this kit as a gift). Kit was great quality, I liked to work on it a lot. While working on kit I had some trouble with airbrush, which forced me to strip paint of her body and repaint it later. I used acrylic paint: Tamiya, Mr. Hobby, Vallejo.

Mass Production EVA 05 WIP

Bandai\'s plastic model LM. Nice cast, good fitting, some seamlines and some putty required.

German Cavalry Division \"Florian Geyer\" 1/16

Plastic model from Dragon. Cast is really good quality, fitting is a little worse, but overall it\'s really good figure.

Samurai 1/16 WIP

MiniArt\'s 1/16 scale Samurai figure. Really nice scale and details.

Dark Elf WIP

Lineage 2-style female elf warrior. Really nice cast from

Hauptmann, Großdeutscheland division (Karachev 1943)  WIP

Hauptmann, Großdeutscheland division (Karachev 1943) 1/16 plastic model from Dragon models. Painted with Humbrol Emanels. I\'ve done this for my father, he liked it. Model itself is good quality, no preparation work required at all.

Sachiel WIP

Bandai\'s Sachiel the 3rd Angel from Neon Genesis Evangelion model.

Skuld with Lute WIP

Work in Progress on  Skuld with Guitar on Bough. Great quality kit, doesn't require much work, though it's pretty small kit.

Belldandy (Angel Type) PVC WIP

Gift from my Boyfriend, he bought this figure for 30$ at local auction service. I\'m not sure, nor care, if it\'s original, because the cast is great.

Pirotess WIP

Dark Elf character -  Pirotess  from Record of Lodoss War series. Kit was bought at and it's quite poor quality.

Deedlit WIP

One of my most favourite characters - Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War series. Kit was bought at

Urd with Elegant Dress WIP

Work in Progress on  Urd with Elegant Dress. Good quality kit, doesn't require much work.

Misato Vinyl WIP

My very first kit ever. Bought 10 years ago, was painted twice. Now, with my new skills, I'm going to make it again.

Belldandy with Holybell WIP

Work in Progress. Gift I recieved from my Boyfriend for the Christmas. It comes from Model Kit Online and it\'s Thai recast. I\'d suggest You to not buy kits here.