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  1. awesome work! Just watched your video of the process you painting this GK , i am shocked and want to paint a same GK, i am wondering if you could tell me the category of Vallejo paints that you used, or just major ones that you remember. I will be very appreciated if you could share your experience, Thank you very much!

    • Hello! I’m sorry for late reply :C I noticed your comment when I was at work and once I got back home I’ve forgotten to reply and it took me few days to remind myself about it ._.

      I’m using Vallejo Model Color series.
      Colours I’ve used for sure are:
      – Sky Blue
      – Blue Violet,

      – Light Flesh
      – Saddle Brown
      – Gunmetal Blue
      – Prussian Blue
      – Intense Blue
      – Red
      – Brass
      – Gold
      – Silver
      – Azure
      – Metal Medium (it’s kinda transparent/white, but added to any colour gives it metal look)
      For eyes, I’ve used mix of transparent green, lemon yellow and gold

      I’m sorry again and I hope it help you anyhow.
      Good luck with your kit and have fun 🙂

      • Thanks! I am honored to get your sincerely and detailed reply!It really helps! Your video and this list of colours should be the perfect guide for me to learn hand-painting a GK. 🙂

        Your GKs are all well-done and by the way my personally favourite one is the
        Amaterasu you posted on 1st August 2013 XD

        Thanks again for your reply, it is timely enough. I am glad to have your support and inspired by your compassion. Looking forward to see more your works posting in your gallery!!

        • I’m really glad I could help!
          Feel free to ask questions anytime 🙂

          If you’re going to publish either WIP or finished kit pics anywhere – I’d love to see them, if it’s not a problem ^___^

    • My friend had one and kindly agreed to re-sell me it, once she learnt I’m about to build it as a gift for friend 🙂

      You can buy bootleg of this model at E2046, they still have two in stock:

      There’re some more details about kits itself here, you may find them useful while looking for it:
      You’d probably have too look for it at and other Japanese auction sites.

      From what I recall, there was also pre-painted version of this figure available. With the same pose, same manufacturer, but PVC. I’ve seen such at e-bay once.

    • For a reason I didn’t mention I’ll make that cigarette C’: I love such details.
      Though I’m still ashamed by my airbrush skills D:
      I’m glad you like it <3

    • Actually I’ve added some more shading, but didn’t take WIP pictures. Hopefully it’ll be visible once I make gallery.
      Thank you for your input, that’s a good point 🙂

    • Probably because neither me nor WP designers considered people are using such high resolutions 🙂 Not sure, if I’ll be able to do anything about that, but I’ll ask my BF who’s better than me at html and stuff. Thank you for pointing that!

    • You have something in common with my dad. Too bad he doesn’t know English, so he can’t talk with you :< My knowledge about guns isn't that good, so I'm mostly skipping anything about them, being afraid I'll say something wrong. Thanks a lot!

    • Cóż, jakby nie patrzeć – mój wychowawca w liceum uczył rzeźby 😉

      Wbrew pozorom, to wcale nie jest takie trudne. Szykujesz sobie szkielet (do tego użyłam przykrywek od dezodorantów), oblepiłam go modeliną, a potem tylko klepanie przy użyciu narzędzi dentystycznych (żeby uzyskać fakturę drzewa).

      Pytałam się swojej dentystki, czy nie ma zużytych narzędzi, chętnie je oddała. Tylko przed użyciem je zdezynfekowałam.

      Reszta to już malowanie i posypki modelarskie.

      A włosy: mam taki cienki miedziany drucik. Ręczną wiertarką wywierciłam niewielkie otwory, w nie wkleiłam druty, a dookoła zakleiłam masą modelarską (potem oszlifowałam).

    • Aw, Thanks 😀 I’d love to see it finished as well. Along with other kits 😛 But this one doesn’t look so complicated, as well it’s going to be easy to paint.