WIP Gallery Update – Sigrid of the Thorn


I was busy doing painting commissions, so I haven’t had enough time to work on this one.
Here’s update on crab (which I decided to paint after rainbow crab) and some work on the base.
Aaaaand I still didn’t finish Sigrid’s prep work. Or rather didn’t even start it. Hah. I’m going to try painting her with airbrush (skin, hair) by the way. Did I mention I really don’t like prep work?


New WIP Gallery – Sigrid of the Thorn

Though it started whole section of Sigrid’s WIP, there’s just a little frog flying on fork. Oh my, this kit is so awesome in such details~!
This time I’m using Winsor & Newton’s acrylics, because I don’t have any good Vallejo’s greens.
I’d post more, but I’m working on drawing commission with tight deadline – that’s my excuse, why I haven’t post anything in March (besides the fact Dark Souls 2 and Diablo 3 expansion came out in March).
Next week I should be able to work more on this kit. And to paint Mr. Crab.
By the way, I exceed 1000 photos on this blog. That’s… Quite a lot, don’t you think?


New Gallery – Gwendolyn

Here she is, valkyrie princess from Odin’s Sphere.
Not everything went way I planned, but I’ve tried my best. Especially to do something about her face. Also I failed at making crystals for her base (not really failed, they’re just still growing), so I decided to make my own “stone” and paint it to make it look like labradorite.