Small update (what’s going on)

Hello everyone~!

As you could’ve notice – I’m quite inactive recently. So let’s say it straight first:

I didn’t drop GK building as a hobby, don’t worry about that 🙂

In my job, my workplace wasn’t really healthy – I’ve been spending 8 hours a day in pretty bad position while working on PC (our desks and screens have been really low situated). And after half year of work I started to feel dizzy more and more often. I thought it was neurosis-related issue (bosses were toxic as hell), but my doc told me to check up, if it isn’t something more serious. After series of examinations (which my employer didn’t like, though I still did my chores on time) it turned out my neck spine isn’t perfectly fine.
Degenerative disc disease.
What it means – I can’t keep my head tilting. Not at all. Because in pretty short period of time it causes me being dizzy. Which makes me uncomfortable while cleaning, cooking and doing other everyday stuff. AND it made drawing and GK building pretty troublesome.

I’ve got bunch of exercises from physiotherapist, so it’s little better now, but damage is done.
I’m slowly rebuilding my whole workspace to be less troublemaking for my spine. So far it’s great, I can do almost everything I used to do before. Except GKs. Not yet.

Though I’m really looking forward it.
Hopefully soon 🙂

Meanwhile, some EVA-05 for you

Take care!