WIP update – S Equip Hunter

Here we are, last WIP for S Equip Hunter. Right now I’m glueing parts together. It’s going to take a while.
I’ve made pretty good eyes (as for my skills), but I did huge mistake while sealing them. Because, my Rotring’s ink wasn’t waterproof… Since this happened I started to hate this kit. But my BF says I should shut up, because it’s well done. I won’t argue, it’s up to you what you think about it.


New WIP Gallery – S Equip Hunter

Long time since my last post, heh? I don’t know, I’ve been working on kits, but haven’t made any significant progress which I could share.
But now I finally started painting S Equip Hunter. First part of this WIP contains photos of tasty baco… emmm… of piggy king. Yes.
More to come soon.

Whole kit is going to be handbrushed.


New WIP Gallery – Naruga Airou

Work in Progress on ninja kitty. Yes, that’s how I call him, since I have absolutely no knowledge about Monster Hunter.
Because this kit was straight-forward to assemble, required no prep work and didn’t have much pieces to paint… The WIP gallery is rather small. I didn’t feel making enough progress to show you, and when I noticed one, it was already done.

Gallery will be soon.