WIP Gallery Update: Ky-rà

Because I won’t be able to make update during Christmas, I’m doing this small uptade on my progress, before I’m gone for a break 🙂 (Though I’ll take her with me, just I won’t be able to show you progress)

Here I focused on her skintone. Making it in large amout of thin layers of Vallejo’s Model Colour paints.


New WIP Gallery – Diabolus Unglate

It’s been quite a while from my last post. I was busy sanding pieces. But I’ll have something to post soon.

Anyway, here’s first look at one of lastest E2046’s projects – Antihero series: Diabolous Unglate.When I saw her as PVC for the first time I was like “OMG, I want her as GK” and here she is!

I finished prep work for her already, just need to take proper photos of primed parts. Soon!