New layout

Due to fact my old theme was outdated (it was outdated on the day I installed it… over 2 years ago), I decided to change layout. This one is based on standard Twenty Eleven theme, though we’re still working on customising it (Bobson is working on it as well, because he’s better at coding stuff). Yes, it’s still WIP.
I wouldn’t let it work in WIP state under other cirumstances, but some important plugins weren’t working anymore (and I’m not talking about FB share), so I had to take quick action.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome. And, if you don’t remember how it looked previously, either you’re bad fan, or I did good job, so you didn’t notice any difference 😉

Just kidding.

S Equip Hunter is like 85% done. Last WIP part should be there soon. Not Soon.