I’m still alive.

I’m just busy.

I got involved into some big project which contains 3 website layouts, which I have to design [2 of them ’till end of month, and the other one, ’till Christmas], I hope I won’t fail at this.
Meanwhile, I’m writting my licenciate.

It turned out I may have some bigger health issues, thanks to my diabetes, I should have results next week. Besides that, I’m having worse time with my neurosis, meaning I’m having panic attacks each time I leave house. I’m going to see doctor regarding this case next week as well.

After I finished my Urd kit, I had about 2 weeks-long break, and I started to slowly work on my Pirotess kit. I should upload pictures of WIP soon. Unfortunately, this kit requires a lot of work, because whole surface is really messy. Fortunately, details are ok, so I can live with it 😉 Next week I’ll get some polymer clay [~1 kilogram, or more] to prepare base for my future diorama including Deedlit and Pirotess.

I’m also having one new kit at home, and another one should be here within the end of January, but it’s secret 🙂 Lovely gifts are those. So, I got my Christmas/Birthday gifts from whole family known earlier this year.

I only hope I’ll be able to work more on my kits when I’ll finish my studies. Yeah, sure >_>”.



Record of Lodoss War dioramaSince I’m really unpatient person and I’m going to got both Deedlit and Pirotess kits, I thought it may be fun to put them together in one piece.
I’m not sure, if I can call this diorama, but that was first word which came to my mind.

Here’s quick sketch I’ve done in openCanvas5 to show my idea. Any suggestions are welcome 🙂

I’ve been thinking about materials as well. As for now, my idea is to sculpt base with Super Sculpey, or Sculpey LivingDoll. But first I need to get them. It isn’t going to be easy, nor cheap.

Though, I have no idea, if I’ll ever find place to put them in my room in way they won’t get damaged by any accident 😐


Pirotess will arrive soon?

Accidentaly, while browsing my shopping information I found this:

[click for full view]

Last time I’ve checked, estimated arrive date was 29 of June. According to this message in my account information and on product’s page she’s already in stock! ^_^

Two days ago I recieved Deedlit, for which I waited since end of March, and in next two weeks I’ll recieve Pirotess? That’s awesome news!

Now I only need to find time to assemble them all 😛

Take Care!