New WIP and Gallery – Legend BB Zakuto (Yami Shogun) (SD)

Everyone who knows me, can tell I’m having a weak spot for samurai.
So here’s SD Zaku Shogun. This one is gift from my Spouse.
Building it was piece of cake – half hour and it was put together. Some light painting and weathering were made over weekend.

Here’s WIP (each picture has a brief description):


And here’s finished model:


New WIP – Gwendolyn

I bought her meanwhile, because I really liked her pose, wings and such… And she’s valkyrie. Though I don’t know anything about game she’s from – Odin Sphere.

It’s E’s recast. Not really awesome to work on. And sculpt is a little bit weird (LARGE LEGS, weird face), but I really wanted her. Yes. This part is focused on the prep work the most, though I already started painting her.


New Galleries – Evil Fox and WIP

Evil Fox kit I’ve made for’s contest. Since voting phase is done, I can submit WIP pictures. It’s PKKing’s sculpt, though it’s recast (I recieved this kit as a gift). Kit was great quality, I liked to work on it a lot. While working on kit I had some trouble with airbrush, which forced me to strip paint of her body and repaint it later. I used acrylic paint: Tamiya, Mr. Hobby, Vallejo.



Finished Kit: