New Gallery and WIP updated – Cho Hakkai

So, finally I managed to finish this figure. Shadowisper already got him and, from what I heard, she loves him, so I’m happy ^-^


Here are last photos of WIP: They’re focuse on base. It took me some time to cut of leaves from paper (though I wouldn’t even try to do it without paper folding!) and glue them to copper wire, but it worked quite well.


And here’s gallery of finished figure:


Enjoy 🙂

WIP update – Cho Hakkai

So finally I finished to prepare Hakkai for painting. And actually I managed to start painting.

Everything’s with my brand new Iwata airbrush, which is great and worth money (why it’s so expensive?). Without help fom my parents I wouldn’t be able to get it. But, if I only knew earlier it’s so easy and pleasurable to work with Iwata, I’d never spent so much money on cheap airbrushes.



WIP Gallery UPDATE + 2 New WIP Galleries

Florian Geyer is now finished, tommorow I’ll take some proper photos. As for now, here are last WIP photos for him,


For my Friend’s birthday I decided I’ll make her figure she really liked. I had some trouble with getting it, but it turned out my friend from GK forums got original and she was kindly enough to sell me this kit 🙂

Here are some box and parts photos. By looking at parts I guess I’ll be able to finish him quickly.


And miniature bust I found accidentally on local auction service. It’s re-cast unfortunately, but details and fitting are great – besides painting it won’t require much work.