WIP Gallery UPDATE + 2 New WIP Galleries

Florian Geyer is now finished, tommorow I’ll take some proper photos. As for now, here are last WIP photos for him,


For my Friend’s birthday I decided I’ll make her figure she really liked. I had some trouble with getting it, but it turned out my friend from GK forums got original and she was kindly enough to sell me this kit 🙂

Here are some box and parts photos. By looking at parts I guess I’ll be able to finish him quickly.


And miniature bust I found accidentally on local auction service. It’s re-cast unfortunately, but details and fitting are great – besides painting it won’t require much work.




WIP Update – German Cavalry Division “Florian Geyer” 1/16

I started painting. Few days ago, but I had to re-charge my camera’s battery and meanwhile I forgot about it 🙂
Airbrushing is done, so the most painfull (for me) process is over. Now I need to find some time to paint everything else, and it’ll be finished. Hopefully it won’t take me much time.


New WIP gallery – German Cavalry Division – Florian Geyer 1/16

I’m assembling this one for my Father.
Cast itself is good quality, horse is having a lot of nice details. Such as: veins, muscles and so on. Also details on solider’s outfit are really fine. Fitting is worse, a little. Mostly because of saddle, I had some trouble with making him sit on it.
Also, I had to make reins by myself, because they were not included.